Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The delight of a delicious cheesesteak sandwich

I totally forgot to mention that yesterday was the very first time I ever ate a cheesesteak. 

It's one of those foods I never really thought about.  Cheesesteaks were just one of those things that other people ate, but I did not, rather like salads and fried okra and chili cheese dogs.  But when Melissa and Kate heard that I'd never ever had one, they insisted the deficiency be fixed.  Pronto.


Thus, we ended up here:

And yes, it turns out that cheesesteaks are awesome and I am a total tool for never eating one.   They are especially awesome with a great big heaping of garlic fries.  YUM.

(Toxic breath, though.)

Also, silly conversation:
Me: Wait...why is there a liberty bell in the logo?
Me: Oh, I get it.  Because the liberty bell is in Philadelphia, and that's like the capital for cheesesteaks.  Philly cheesesteak.
Kate: Suzi, you're so smart.  You answer your own questions!

Tags: food, friends, photo

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