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19 September 2010 @ 12:52 pm
The Farmers' Market is cool!  
It's been a long, long time since I've been to a farmers' market. I work on weekend mornings, which is when most of them take place, so...what can you do? But I had this Sunday off, so after church Seanie and I decided to check out the local farmers' market at Princeton Plaza.

First of all, it's a lot bigger than it was when I was a kid, when it was just a row of eight-ten farms selling fruit and vegetables. Now I'd say that only half of the sellers had fruits and vegetables. There were bakers. There was one stand that made fresh crepes, right next to another that sold shave ice. An Indian man sold Naan and jars of prepackaged Indian spices - that was quite different. But my favorite was the guy selling frozen Chinese dim sum. Dim sum! At the farmers' market! How random, but also awesome. I bought a bag of pork buns and another of shrimp dumplings.

Naturally, there was a guy selling kettle korn. (There's always a guy selling kettle korn.) I had to buy a bag of it. That stuff is just addictive, so light and crunchy and salty-sweet.

There were golden raspberries, which I've never seen before. They taste more or less like 'normal' red raspberries. I wonder where they came from.

I think by the end of the trip, we spent nearly $40. About half of that was for my Mom, but still. I had expected to spend less than ten dollars just getting some snacks to nibble on. Oops. Food is expensive.
jeanniejeannietran on September 25th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
We took the kids to the farmer's market at Valco on Friday as a mini field trip, it was super crowded for 9:30 in the morning! Most of the kids liked it, mainly the fruit samples (teachers liked that part too). I wanted to buy a buncha stuff but it was hard to shop with the kids. I did manage to get some yummy fruit tarts. Typical, take me to a farmer's market full of fresh organic fruits and veggies and I come away with buttery pastries with whipped cream.

Most of the vendors were friendly and nice... but there was one guy who was selling pies (icky bean and carrot pies) who was really mean! One of our kids is really grabby and he grabbed at a pie and pinched off a piece of a crust. The guy got so mad and yelled at him and the staff who was with him. We paid for it, and didn't make a fuss about paying so I don't know why he was such a grump. Especially since it was the kid who you can tell has a disability... our other kids look pretty typical so you wouldn't be able to tell they had autism, so I'd understand being upset about us not controlling one of them since you can't tell something is wrong with them by looking at them. But you're gonna yell at the kid who clearly has a disability about picking at one of your pies? Not cool. I wasn't there when it happened and heard it from my coworker, and the way she described his reaction I thought the kid dove into the pies and got all crazy with it. When I saw the pie it only had maybe half an inch of the crust missing.