Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Painting with Jeannie

Jeannie came over last night to paint with me. I've been needing to get back into the habit of making art, and Jeannie needs more hobbies to fill her already busy days, so we decided to watercolor.

I told Jeannie to come up with a theme for us to work with, because I didn't want to try and set a still life up and it was too dark to attempt a landscape in my backyard, and so she suggested Maleficent. (Why wouldn't you want to be inspired by Maleficent? ) So we spent a couple of hours messing around with paintbrushess and little tubes of watercolor.

My best painting:

Jeanne ended up taking it home because she liked it. I started out with a wash of purple, yellow and chartreuse and then started putting the mountains in. The dragon was added last, pretty much because I didn't have any good ideas for filling up the space. Everything was done without preliminary planning or sketching, which is not how I usually work. The colors are much brighter in person.

Jeannie's best painting:

The colors are much richer and deeper in person, but her iPhone doesn't capture color very well. It looks really cool - like sea urchins or anemones or something. This was her first watercolor painting, and it turned out pretty well!
Tags: art, doodle, jeannie, painting, watercolor

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