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Seanie's gonna have two nephews <3

Last night, we went over to Seanie's brother's house to find out what gender his babies are going to be. Rhi has twins in her belly, and at her ultrasound today she convinced the doctor to write down the sex of Baby A and Baby B in an envelope instead of telling her, so that she and Terry could do a big reveal with the entire family present. That way, we'd all find out at the same time, and it would be very dramatic and emotional.

It was.

It seemed like everyone was hoping for a boy and a girl. Y'know, get both kids out of the way. But the Buckley family is under a curse where Buckleys only produce boys - seriously, I think that in all the Buckleys of Seanie's generation, there's only one girl, and she's adopted - so I was expecting boys. (I was hoping for two little girls though. Little nieces would be so cute!) Rhi's comes from a family of girl-makers, so there was a chance that her genes could cancel out the Buckley curse.
But the guy determines what the baby will be, right? So I thought it would be two boys.

Terry was supposed to open up his envelope first, but he was so nervous that he just froze up. Couldn't do it. He almost had to get someone else to open it for him. Even when he was opening it, he couldn't bear to be the first person to see, so instead of opening the card and reading it out loud to us, he opened it facing out so we would Baby A's gender back to him.
Baby A was a boy.

Rhi was nervous too, but not in the paralyzing way Terry was. She opened her envelope up right away.
Baby B was a boy.

HA! Two boys! I was right!

Terry was so overcome with emotion he had to leave the room for a few minutes. It was actually really cute, and touching. He'll be a great dad.

We ate dinner together - both Rhi's family and Terry's family were there, so the house was FULL - and sat around for a while, talking. Seanie's uncle had taken his grandkids to Disney World a few weeks before, so we oooohed and aaaaawed over photos of the kids. (They're not very exciting, though. The kids live in Colorado, so we only see them at Christmas, and I think that's plenty.) After a while, the "adults" left, and it was just Seanie and his brothers and me and Rhi, and that was nice. Really fun. It was the first time the five of us had just hung out on our own, and it was the first time of any of us had really processed that someday, we would be the adults and this would be the family group.
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