Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

RHA: In which I make a stupid decision.

"Hey Suzi, wanna make $50?"
"I'm listening..."
"I'm making this HUGE dinner tonight for RHA's 'Italian Night' event, and I'm gonna have a few dishes that need to be washed. Shouldn't take you more than an hour. Fifty bucks. Whaddya say?"


"...of course, I'll also feed you."

Oh no. She's a good cook. Also, she gave me a crapload of eggs and milk today. Free food!

"I..uh..have to check with my boyfriend. We had plans tonight-"
"Bring him along! I'll feed him too!"

So after I got off work at RHA this morning, Seanie and I went to an Indian Pow-wow event at West Valley College, and while there I broached the subject of doing the dishwashing work. I mean, fifty bucks for an hour's worth of work ain't so bad, right? Seanie wasn't interested, but he agreed to split the work with me so we could get it over with and still have time for a date.


When I showed up at RHA around 7:00, Jeannie was already there working. We were told to eat up, and we did. Our plates were loaded with ravioli, tortellini, and spaghetti. It was delicious. Red velvet cake for dessert. So full. So many carbs. Thought I was gonna explode. Jeannie was going to help us wash the dishes, and we'd split the $50 three-ways. Sure, it wouldn't be as much cash, but hey - we'd be done so fast.


It took FOREVER. The cook's prediction that it would take one person one hour to wash the dishes was a ridiculous understatement. It didn't take one person one hour. It didn't take two people one hour. IT DIDN'T TAKE THREE PEOPLE ONE HOUR. It took the three of us nearly three hours to finish cleaning up the Clubhouse. There were just mountains of dishes and pots and pans to scrub.

Granted, it would have gone a lot faster if we had some decent dish soap to work with. But RHA supplied us with "ECO-POWER" detergent that couldn't cut grease or remove splatter marks no matter how hard we scrubbed. It was ridiculous. Thank goodness Seanie and I had come in to clean the dishes, though. Jeannie would have done the work if we hadn't, and who knows how long she would have been washing away if she'd been by herself?

Granted, we got a ton of food to take home.  Plates and plates of it.  But man, I am never ever washing dishes for anyone at RHA again.

Well, maybe if they'll pay the following rate:
$40 base fee + the following:
+ $25 - 1-10 people
+ $50 - 11-20 people
+ $75 - 21-30 people
That might be worth it.  But honestly, it seems better to just avoid dish washing altogether.
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