Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Baby Showers For Strangers

One of Terry's best friends is having a baby, and he wanted to have a baby shower in San Jose since he used to live here. Rhi kindly offered to throw one for him, since she'd never had the opportunity to plan a baby shower before. The problem is that while Baby Daddy has many friends here in San Jose, his Baby Mama does not, so Rhi didn't really have enough women to join the party. Thus, Seanie and I were invited to help fill out the party.

Rhi had figured that she would be planning this whole party, but Baby Daddy took over. Is it just me, or is that weird? When does the father plan the baby shower? Don't guys usually have nothing to do with the whole shower process? He invited the guests, planned the food, etc. etc. etc. I think Rhi had been looking forward to hosting the party, so she was a bit bummed when he took over and she was pretty much just the owner of the house. She wanted Seanie and I there, though, so we dutifully showed up. It was a little weird, though. I mean, I've met Baby Daddy all of once, and Baby Mama never.

It was fun, though. Seanie and I went out to the lawn and chatted with Baby Daddy's friends for a while. Many of them, turns out, all went to high school together, so they've known Terry and Seanie and Rhi for years. I thought that was really sweet. (I've barely kept in touch with anyone from high school. Sadface.) There was a BBQ, with hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad. The usual. I really liked sitting in the sun, sometimes swinging in a hammock, and chattering away. In fact, we ended up staying a lot longer than I intended. Seanie and I had planned to do a drive-by; y'know, show up for an hour or so and then take off again.

Around four or so - several hours after we'd arrived - we were gathered into the house to play baby games. After the indignity of attempting to drink beer out of a baby bottle, Seanie decided it was time for us to make our escape. So we skipped out before Baby Mama opened her gifts, which would have been really interesting. Seanie and I hadn't brought her anything, since we didn't know her, but Rhi - ever practical - bought her a present and put our names on it. It would have been interesting to see her reaction, and ours.

Baby Mama: Thank you for the lovely _blank_.
Me: Oh, yes. We saw that _blank_ and just knew it was perfect for you, a total stranger!

(I think it was a basket of bath products or something...which I actually would totally get someone.)

It was a little weird seeing Rhi and Terry twice in a week, simply because I'm normally so very anti-social. Plus, we're going to the Renaissance Faire later this month. Oh man, so much family bonding!
Tags: babies, rhi, terry

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