Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yagudin and Plushenko sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Wanna make me feel loved? Buy me an Origami Yakpack. I especially like the Empress style, but a Mini Pinwheel shoulderback is sugoi too.
So Davy and I were having playing the sex game today. Have you ever..? You try to have a conversation but you have to insert 'sex' into every sentence. Problem is, it has to fit the context. You can't just go 'SEX and p.s. my burrito is very tasty, yo." Variations like 'sexy' are allowed, though, but not more than three in a row. But it was a very stilted phone call nonetheless.
Me: So I hear there was a lot of sex on Friends last night.
Davy: Yes, but I wouldn't know about the sex on Friends because I was watching the Olympics.
Me: I noticed that during the male figure skating the Chinese skater looked like he could use some quick sex.
Davy: I could not even tell what sex Plushenko prefers; he's very flaming.
Me: Don't diss the sexy one.
Davy: I thought Yagudin was the sexy one.
Me: He does look like he'd be fun to have sex with.
Davy: What if they had sex with each other and that is how they became such bitter rivals?
Davy: Now let's add that guy Abt into the equation and-
Me: Game over game over game over! Stop abusing my precious figure skaters!
Davy: I win.
So I need to find some better things to talk about. Bite me.

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