Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Red Licorice - Which is best?

Poll #1631750 Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

Which is the superior red licorice? Twizzlers or Red Vine?

Red Vines!!!!
You so crazy, it's ______________ (leave a note and fill in the blank!)
This question is triggered by the fact that I had Twizzlers for the first time in years and they are nasty.  I mean, they taste like little gobs of red rubber.  Eew.  I'm never going to touch one again.

Meanwhile, I love Red Vines.  I am often tempted to buy one of those huge tubs and just snack on them constantly.  Sometimes I wonder if I just associate them with success, and that's why I like them?  When I was a kid, teachers and camp counselors would often hand out Red Vines as rewards and bribes, and when I worked retail my managers would often buy a tub of Red Vines to keep in the back as little sugary motivators.

I'm not pretending either candy is high quality stuff.  But which brand do you prefer?
Tags: candy, food
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