Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Manicure panic-cure!

Back in junior high, I loved painting my nails. It was the only form of make-up my Mom allowed in the house, and with my humble allowance a new bottle of polish was one of the few things I could afford. My favorite bottle was a dark navy blue that had a lot of shimmer in it. It was a lovely dark metallic color that made my short nails look longer. It was cool.

When I graduated high school and started working - first at a bakery, later in retail - my nails would chip off so quickly it didn't seem worth painting them. By my second year of college, I had thrown away most of my nail polishes (they were getting old and separated anyway) and rarely did anything except occasionally painting my toenails red in the summmer.

But now that I work at RHA, my nails have grown long. It turns out that they won't break if I'm not constantly shelving bottles of lotion or cutting big chunks of soap. When I paint my nails, they stay in pretty good shape for a few days before the chipping gets bad. I can go about a week and a half before it looks bad enough that I must apply another coat. So, once again, I'm amassing a nice little collection of blue, green and purple polishes. Always metallic or chrome, never matte, which is boring.

It turns out that this week Rite Aid is having a 'buy one, get one half-off' sale on all nail polishes (excepting a few brands) so I popped in to get some cheap polish. After picking out four bottles in green, blue, purple and pink I went to the cash register.

Me: Hello!
Saleswoman: Hi. Does your mother have a customer card?
Me: ...I don't know. I'm thinking "My mother?"
Saleswoman: What's her phone number? I'll check.
I give her my mom's home number, and her cell. Neither works.
Saleswoman: Hmmm...
Me: Can I just sign up for one now? They're free, right?
Saleswoman: They're free, old are you?
I suddenly realize why she asked if my mother was the one who had a card.
Me: Oh, for goodness' sakes! I'm twenty-six.
The saleswoman eyes me suspiciously before sliding an application form across the counter to me.

What, do adults not buy colorful nail polish? I missed that memo.
Tags: cosmetics, make-up, manicure

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