Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Attempting to reach serenity at the spa

Yesterday I took care of my teeth, and went to the dentist.

Today I took care of my face, and went to the spa for a facial.
Well, I tried to take care of my face. I'm terrified that I may have just ruined it forever.

There are a couple of things I worry about when I go to the spa:
1. When the aesthetician waxes my eyebrows, she will take them off completely, making me into a freak with no eyebrows.
2. The psoriasis patches on my forehead will be so irritated that they will flare up and take over my entire face, making it into a crusty red wasteland of gross.
3. The skin of my face will somehow vaporize under a mask, forcing the world to look upon a bloody mass of gore.
4. Extracting dirt and oil and whatnot from clogged pores will hurt like the dickens.

#4 is always, always true. The other three have yet to pass.

The aesthetician that I go to right now, Nina, is the sweetest lady. I adore her. She's just the sort of woman you'd want for an aunt, always friendly and cheerful and ready to chatter about whatever. I'm a little iffy about her, just because she doesn't have previous experience with psoriasis, but so far things have been OK. Today she suggested we try something new a new mask that targets red, irritated skin. I was like "Sure, whatever, let's see what happens."

It felt like my face was on fire. Nina kept saying, "Is it really bad? Some tingling is normal, so if you can stand it, wait and it'll fade" while she massaged my face. It did, in fact, fade after about a minute, and I have a very low pain tolerance so I suppose I may have just been a big baby about it.

Afterwards, my skin felt amazing. It was perfectly smooth, because every last bit of dead, flaky skin must have been burned off by the mask. But when I looked in the mirror, it looked like something burning hot had been flung in my face. The psoriasis had flared into brilliant red splotches.
But some redness is pretty normal after waxing, and it started to fade down to normal skin color after a few hours. So I don't think the mask she used permanently damaged the skin. Probably won't use it again, though. Too painful.

The things we do for beauty.
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