Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Weird Phone Call of the Day - Winner!!!

At work:

Me: Thank you for calling RHA, how can I help you?
Phone caller: HIIliveatsomethingsomethingRinconandasomething
Me: I’m sorry, please slow d-
Caller: Theresbeenabreakinsomethingsomethingbrokendoorsomethingsomething
Me: Sorry. Hold on. What did you say your address was?
Caller: 400 R----- in Campbell-
Me: I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.
Caller: Someone gave me this number.
Me: This is for the RHA Office in Los Gatos.
Caller: I’m not in Los Gatos, I’m in Campbell!
Me: Yes, that is why I think you have the wrong number.
Caller: No! Someone gave me this number!!
Me: Yes, but this is the office for the RHA neighborhood in Los Gatos. Your address is not part of our community.
Caller: What do I do?
Me: Call 911?
Caller: You can’t help me?
Me: No. If there’s been a break-in you need to call the police.
Caller: You won’t help me. The right hand can’t tell the left what it’s doing.
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. Good-bye.
Caller: Bye.

Caller calls back about five minutes later.

Me: Thank you for calling RH-
Caller: Hi I live at 400 R------- and I would like to report a break-in-
Me: Sir, I just spoke to you. You have the wrong number.
Caller: My door is broken!
Me: Yes. You should call the police.
Caller: I called the Campbell police and they won’t help me! The right hand can’t tell the left what its doing-
Me: Sir, listen closely. I am in Los Gatos. This is the office for a Los Gatos Homeowners’ Association.
Caller: No, I’m in Campbell. You have to help me! What do I do? My door is open and it won’t close.
Me: I don’t know, I don’t know where you are. You said you called the police?
Caller: THEY WON’T HELP ME. He starts rambling on incoherently about left hands and broken doors and everybody’s giving him the runaround. WHO DO I CALL? You are the fourth person I’ve spoken to.
Me: Do you live in a homeowners’ association? I’m thinking that if he tells me the Association’s name, I can Google a phone number.
Caller: Who do I call?
Me: Do you live in a homeowners’ association?
Caller: (louder) Who do I call?
Me: Do you live in a homeowners’ association?
Me: Yes. Why don’t you try them? I hang up.

I feel bad for hanging up on the guy, but was he off his meds or what?
He didn’t live in the RHA community, so there was nothing I could do for him, not that it mattered. He didn’t listen to a thing I said. My attempts to Google the address he gave me comes up with nothing, so was it just some bizarre prank call?

I’m actually wondering if he was some sort of Alzheimer’s patient having an episode. My grandmother used to call the police to report a stranger in her house, wearing her husband’s clothes. It was my grandfather, but she didn’t recognize him at all.
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