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At the Renaissance Faire today!

Today was exhausting.  Seanie and I went to the Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta in Hollister.  We were determined to have fun, whether it rained or shone, but the weather sorely tested us, I think!

We both wanted to dress up.  I had bought some clothes on, but Seanie had nothing.  We even went to a costume shop in Sunnyvale to investigate the possibility of a rental for him.  Nothing seemed worth the expense, so we called Rhi's mom Kathleen, and she hooked Seanie up with a monk's habit.  So this is how the two of us were dressed for the Faire:


Cute, right?  The weather forecast threatened rain, so Kathleen also offered me a blue wool cloak to wear.  (This turned out to be a HUGE blessing.)

When we got to the Faire, it was about ten thirty or so.  We walked the perimeter, to get an idea of the Faire's layout, and then headed to the jousting arena to watch the Tournament of Champions.  Four knights representing, England, France, Germany and Scotland rode out and participated in games to capture rings, slice cabbages in half, and hit targets with spears all while on horseback.  It was a little corny, but fun.

A few minutes after the tournament ended (England won, naturally, since Queen Elizabeth was watching) Rhi and Terry arrived.  Jared, the oldest Buckley brother, came soon after. They brought the rain with them, so we spent the next hour or two jumping from one stall to the next, watching vendors frantically rearrange their goods to avoid spoiling them with water.  It was nice, in a way, because the Faire emptied out and we had room to get around for once!  But we were getting quite damp.  The cloak I wore offered some protection, but while it kept me warm it was damp and the hem was muddy after an hour.

(I was a little disappointed that none of the shops were having sales.  Since it was the last day of the Faire, I had hoped some lazy shop owner's would offer a small discount so they wouldn't have to pack up so much stuff.  No luck.  A few shops offered discounts on cloaks when the rain started, but that was about it)

In the afternoon,  Jared and Terry competed against each other in a hammer-pounding game.  We had a late lunch of meat pies.  Mostly we just wandered around, trying not to get too wet.  We had hoped to see the second jousting tournament, but it had been delayed because of the rain.

At four o'clock we had Tea with the Queen.  Originally, twenty-something people had signed up for the event, but the rain had driven almost everyone away, so the five of us were the only people.  I felt a little bad that they had to go to all the effort of making a high tea for just us.  There was a poetry competition between William Shakespeare and a 'local color' townswoman, staged very nicely for us, but you could tell it was intended for a much larger audience than just five.  We totally forgot to get a picture with Queen Elizabeth, which was too bad.  But there were scones and tea sandwiches and little desserts, and everyone got a souvenir tea pot to take home.  Since we were all a little cold from the rain, the hot tea was just the thing, and even the guys enjoyed it.

By the time we finished the tea, it was after five, and Seanie was pretty tired.  We decided to leave, because I had to pee and the only toilets were porta-potties, which are nasty in the best of conditions and with all the mud would have been truly disgusting to use.  As we were heading towards the exit, the boys stopped to look at a seller of replica knives and guns.  I found a perfect pirate hat for only $30, which Seanie and Terry thought looked really cute on me, so I bought that for my Halloween costume.  (Didn't get a photo of that, either.  Oops.)

I love Renn. Faires!  There's always something new and ridiculous to do or see!
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