Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Suzi's tummy - 3, Suzi's self-awareness - 0

Suzi: "Why can't I lose the five pounds I gained since I started at RHA?"

Resident: "I'm going to throw this delicious chocolate cheesecake away unless you want it."

Suzi: "I'll take care of it!"
Suzi: "Now really, where is this weight coming from?"

Resident: "Would you like some hot spiced cider?"

Suzi: "Oh boy would I???? Lovely!"

Resident: "Also some pie?"

Suzi: "Pumpkin pie, oh delight!"
Suzi: "Ooooh, lemon cake and pastries too? I'm down!"
Suzi: "Now really, why can't I lose the weight?"
Suzi: "It's really just a mystery..."
Tags: food, rha

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