Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


Seanie and I are going to go to Disney World for New Year's!!!
We haven't really worked the details out, but we have made the verbal commitment to do it, which counts for something, right?

See, Christmas falls on a weekend this year, which means I don't have to work. That never happens. Then, since New Year's is a week after Christmas, it's also on the weekend. So I don't have to work then, either! This means, since I'm not working retail and I don't work weekdays, that I have almost two weeks off from work and school!

We debated what to do once we realized I was able to take the vacation. We decided on Disney World because I've never been, Florida is nice that time of year, and it wouldn't be as expensive as, say, Europe or China or something.

Plus, it seems like a perfect way to end the year, since I've been watching all the animated movies. Too bad I won't finish them all by the end of the year...

But Disney World! Exciting! Woohoo!
Tags: disney, travel, vacation
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