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27 October 2010 @ 09:02 pm
More Renaissance Faire Photos  
I've been really lazy about uploading photos lately, but here's a few more from the Renaissance Faire that we went to on October 17th.  We didn't get a lot of pictures because it started raining, but at least we have a few.

Sometimes you just see the weirdest stuff.

Sean makes the funniest faces about everything.

Yeah, nauseating cute couple picture.

A bunch of kids were playing recorders, so I pretended to have one.
Man, isn't that blue cloak nice-looking?  I borrowed it from Kathleen, Rhi's mom.

Or, sometimes people make bad choices when they dress for the Faire.

Selling fruit ices on a rainy day wasn't working out really hot for this guy.

One of the knights at the joust.  We were supposed to cheer for him. 

Man, Seanie and I really didn't take very many pictures!  Oh well.  There's a few for you to see, anyway!