Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Let the Halloween festivities begin!

Last night Seanie and I went to a pumpkin-carving party at Diane and Ben's new house. (After negotiating for nearly a year, they finally moved in this month.) I wasn't sure if we'd know anyone there; we know Ben and Diane from small group but it didn't seem like anyone else from small group would be there.

They have a really cute house. An elephant is hiding somewhere in every room, like the 'hidden' Mickeys at Disneyland. The living room had a lot of Indian-influenced pillows and art, while the kitchen/dining area had Caribbean art. It gave the impression of the home of a couple that loves to travel.

Most of the people at the party were Diane's former coworkers from when she worked at Borders. Book people! Retail slaves! Conversation was pretty easy. Trish, one of the ladies in our small group, was also there, and I had a lot of fun talking to everyone and eating pumpkin soup. Seanie was pretty tired, and fell asleep on the sofa right in the middle of the party. Hopefully our hosts weren't offended. No, I'm pretty sure they weren't. As Ben himself pointed out, "Sean always falls asleep around now" because Seanie always whines about his bedtime at small group meetings.

We didn't carve a pumpkin, but some of Diane's friends did some really cool ones. Someone - naturally, I already forgot her name - did a Boo design for her first pumpkin. She said that she usually does over a dozen pumpkins for Halloween. Crazy! While Seanie was sleeping, she said he looked like Michael Cera. He was very distressed when he woke up and I told him that. (He is very bitter that Michael Cera/Scott Pilgrim stole his 'puckman' story.)

No one was wearing costumes, which was a little sad. But Halloween was still two days away, after all.
Tags: friends, halloween, party

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