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Pre-Halloween Parties, Part II - Saturday Night

Saturday night was pretty busy for Seanie and I. My friend Kero and her roommates were hosting a party at their house, but we were already planning to attend a Murder Mystery party to celebrate our friend Christy's thirtieth birthday. Seanie thought we'd be able to squeeze both parties in, so I knew it was going to be a fun but loooong night.

For Christy's party, we had been assigned characters. Her 'murder mystery' was set during Prohibition, so we knew there would be flappers, bootleggers and gangsters. There were far more guests than characters, so a lot of us became the extended family of the suspects. Seanie and I were to dress as part of Team Ernie ("Bet a Million") G. Ambler, a man addicted to betting and bootleggin'. The key words to guide us were 'flashy,' 'ostentatious' and 'flamboyant.'

I had an old fringed Lip Service dress that I decided to pull out of the closet for the occasion. It's hardly period but it's pretty freaking cute! Over it I planned to wear a gun-metal PVC jacket, but that thing was so freakin' hot that I peeled it off right after Seanie took this picture of me:

There were actually some cuter pictures taken, but the only one that turned out was the test picture where I look pissed.  Naturally.

Seanie didn't have anything remotely gangster-ish, and he is 100% resistant to buying costume parts, so we decided that 'ostentatious' would have to mean flashy cowboy.  I mean, cowboys gamble, right?

"How to Host a Murder" - All photos taken by Christy & Carlos

When we got to Christy's the murder house, a short audio clip was played describing what was already known about the murder of Hal Capone (ha!) , and dossiers were handed out for each character.  Then we were fed dinner.  YUM.  There was pasta, garlic bread, know, all the classics you need for a good ol' fashioned Italian foodfest.  Totally delicious.   

After eating, we all sat in the front room and opened up our little booklets.  For each round, there was a series of facts we had to get out into the open (usually about other players) and facts that we wanted to conceal as much as possible from others (usually about ourselves).   So each player had to cast guilt on others while hiding anything that make his or her motive to kill Mr. Capone.  Some of the people from our Tuesday small group were there:

DianeJezer, Ben (Crazy, I've seen them all in the previous week)
They were "Torchy", a lounge singer who sets hearts afire


Trisha and me.  Trisha was originally sharing the character of Ernie with us, but she got switched and was a reporter instead.
(Don't you think the cowboy hat completes the outfit?)

Seanie and I were not very smooth, I must say.  People would ask us questions and we would stammer and bluster.  But it was really fun!  There were four rounds of questioning, if I remember correctly.  There was a lot of accusing and random facts tossed out, but I don't think any one in the party could have ever solved the murder.  At the end of the fourth round, we had to declare which person we thought committed the murder.  No problem, right?  WRONG.  We also had to explain how he or she did it, and that was tough, because there were so many alibis and people involved.  I'm definitely not cut out to be a detective.
The books are written so that no one knows who the murderer is until the very last page.  So after we had all guessed, we turned the page and found out that the birthday girl, Christy or "Silky" had committed the crime.  Isn't it cute how that worked out?

The Murderess and her man...who spent all night in the kitchen, poor guy.

This was the first time I'd ever been to a murder mystery party, but they're pretty fun!  It's a little difficult with a large group, because you have to double-up and triple-up on the roles, but I think that made it more lively, too.  Plus, it's an excuse to dress up, so what's not to love? 

We were probably there 'til about 10:30 or so, and I was still feeling energetic as we climbed into our car so Seanie drove us away to Kero's party, which I'll have to write about later as this is getting pretty long.
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