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Pre-Halloween Parties, Part III - Saturday Late Night

So after Christy's murder mystery party, Seanie and I went to Kero's house.  I guess I really ought to say John's house, because he's the son of the owner and primary tenant, while Kero's just a roommate.  But whatever.They were having a Halloween party.  The party room was decorated with cobwebs and headless mannequins and black cats to bring holiday cheer.  There were perhaps a dozen people running around.  It was hard to say, since no one was congregated in a single room.  Instead, guests and hosts were scattered throughout the house.

Photos were taken by Kero and stolen by me because I forgot to bring a camera.

Everyone was dressed up, although Seanie and I looked relatively low-key since we were still wearing our 'murder' costumes.

Kero in her costume.
It's officially a 'gypsy' costume, but she repurposed it for a pirate look.
Really, the only difference is color.  Pirate costumes are always brown, black and red. 
Gypsies get the brighter shades.  In cut and style, the costumes are identical.
Set up in the party room was a black wall with cobwebs and a mannequin, and that was meant to be the picture stage where everyone posed for a picture.  After all, you gotta showcase all those glorious costumes.  So here we go:
Kero and her man.  Note the pirate theme. 

John and his mad scientist girlfriend. 
If I remember correctly, he's supposed to be that guy from The Princess Bride.  Westley.

Me, actually looking kinda cool for once.

I love Seanie's face here.

Another roommate, Nael, and his friend Cash or Crash or something.

Not at all party-related, but people went nuts for Seanie's shirt.
Dr. Who meets Back to the Future.

Kero went all out with the food.  It was a real pity that Seanie and I were already completely stuffed, because some of the food was pretty darn cute:

Mummy dogs.

Vampire-bitten muffins.

Kero and I made plans to hang out the next day, October 31st, although we had no real idea about what we'd do.  I mean, by the end of the night I was already starting to feel a little Halloween'd out, and the holiday hadn't even officially arrived yet!

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