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This is Halloween 2010!

I guess Halloween was kind've a non-event this year. I mean, by the time the 31st rolled around we'd already done three parties. But it's my favorite holiday, so I was determined to wring some fun out of today.

Seanie and I slept late. Too much fun the night before, I guess. To his consternation, I took much too long to get ready, because I had to wear my cute skull skirt and boots and a black shawl and blah blah blah...

I mean, you gotta dress for Halloween, right?

We called Kero and decided to meet up for donuts.  Where to go for donuts on Halloween?  Psycho Donuts, of course!  The girls behind the counter dress in nurses' uniforms - not just on Halloween, but year-round - and the donuts are bizarre creations covered in chocolate, candy, Pocky, breakfast cereal, and whatever else the mad geniuses decide to pile on.  They had a bunch of limited-edition green donuts for Halloween.  Kero got one that had dark chocolate and oreo crumbs sprinkled across the top, and pocky legs sticking out in every direction.  Mine was pink and shaped like a heart, with raspberry frosting and passionfruit-flavored custard filling.

Kero's donut in the case


We pigged out.

Donuts make girls fat and happy.

Seanie got one of their year-round donuts, the S'mores flavor.  It had a graham-cracker encrusted top, marshmallow topping instead of frosting, and chocolate everywhere.  Delicious.

Outside of Psycho Donuts, there was a bike ramp set up and kids were doing different bike tricks while we watched.  It made me wish I learned to ride a bike as a kid.  Not that I wanted to launch myself into the air and spin in circles, just made me realize those guys were doing something I never learned to do.  There was also a new drink company handing out sample bottles.  They're called StarNectar, based in Santa Cruz, and their 'light juice refreshment' beverages are all themed around the different astrological signs.  The ingredients will maximize your signs' talents and personality traits, according to the packaging.  My sign, Gemini, is apparently enhanced by the juice of pineapple, kiwi, and pear.  I don't know if it's true, but I like all those flavors, and it tasted good!

Sean was trying to explain to me that the iPhone takes photos with a weird system - it actually takes three or four rapid pictures and then merges them together to form a composite image, and that's the photo you actually see on your phone's screen.  Weird!  Normally it works out just fine, but once in a while you get weird distortion like this:

See how the head is stretched?  Isn't that weird?

We didn't really know what to do after getting our donuts.  We ended up going to Valley Fair after Kero reminded me that Lush had some limited-edition 'Day of the Dead' products I wanted to see.  Yeah.  We spent Halloween at at the mall.  BAD IDEA.  It was around 2:30 when we went, so I thought it was too early for trick-or-treaters, but I was wrong.  There were small children in costumes EVERYWHERE, begging for candy, even though most of the stores didn't have any.  I went to Lush to buy some bath bombs and Lupicia to get some more flavored matcha, but it was hard to browse through the sea of children so we left pretty quickly.  Seanie and I went home to nap, and seriously debate whether we had the energy to go to another Halloween party that night.  Kitty was taking some kids trick-or-treating, and wanted us to come, but all I could think was "I don't have kids and I'm too old to trick-or-treat, so why go?"   But we'd been talking about doing something for Halloween for months, and we all got pirate costumes to match each other, so it wasn't really a choice to go.

So here we are, all pirated up.
That hat looks so much cooler in person,for what it's worth.

Also, an extremely unflattering picture Seanie took of me in which my chest looks flat as a board.  
Thanks, Seanie.

The kids that we were taking trick-or-treating ended up being Kitty's two godchildren.  I'd never seen them before, and I didn't know their parents.  It was a little awkward.  We trailed the kids around the neighborhood, this big group of eight or nine adults for two tiny children.  Seanie and I ended up leaving pretty early. 

So that's Halloween 2010.
It was a lot of fun, but I am so glad it's over.


Wait.  Now that Halloween's over, that means it's the season of Thanksgiving and...Christmas.

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