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...I've never been forced to fail a class before.

I guess I should've stayed in bed
My pillow wrapped around my head
Instead of waking up to find
A nightmare of a different kind
She went away
This just doesn't seem to be my day

So, today we had a tea party. Not just any tea party; this was a tea party with the Queen Victoria herself. I was Mary Shelley, the woman who wrote Frankenstein and, in my version, hated just about everyone she was related to. She despised her famous parents, one a feminist and the other a philosopher, and she truly hated her husband. She was a bitter, bitter woman; she could not be more pleased that she had outlived them all. She had been raised as a spoiled brat, and still acted the part with a total lack of social decorum.
I don't know if Shelley was really like that; I highly doubt it. But since I did all my research in an hour last night, and wrote my paper in Physics this morning, accuracy wasn't as much of a priority as completion.
Anyway, Heidi and I wanted to transfer out of Physics if possible, so we went hunting for Mr. O'Meara at break and harrassed him for several minutes when we finallly found that Vice Principal of ours. He wouldn't let us drop, of course; if he did that, he said, he'd have to let everyone else who wanted to leave the class do so, and then there wouldn't be enough students to fill the class and it'd be forced to fold. Darn. I guess in a way it was a good thing, though. I really don't have anything to replace that class with, so it's just as well that I have to be in it. But darn. For a brief moment I was hoping to sleep in every other morning the way I did last year. Besides that, I don't have a clue what's going on in the class. I felt like saying to O'Meara, "Do you want to force me to fail the class?"
Kokuu no Meikyuu is a very groovy song, by the way. I wonder who does it...

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