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Heart's Intuition

My life is like going to a bargain store
You may find just what you're looking for
If you don't mind the fact that all the merchandise is used
With a little mending it can be as good as new.
Take for instance this old broken heart
If only you replace the missing part
You will be surprised to find how good it really is
Take it and you never will be sorry that you did.


I wish I knew who sang that. It describes so many lives at my school. A friend of mine moons over this boy, Frank. Personally, I can't see why. Though I've met him only once I'm an intuitive person. He's not right.

I don't need to say anything else about him. He's just not right. I don't know why, but he is.

Kate, of course, thinks I'm paranoid. But deep down I think she suspects that I'm right. I've never been wrong about her or any other friends' love conquests before, but as it takes sometimes months to prove my sensings correct she will ignore my advice for the time being.

Kate's such a stereotype you can read her like a book. She only likes boys because she feels empty inside. So she tries to jam any piece of the jigsaw puzzle into the hole in her heart. But without the right piece, she'll never be whole. I think that if she waited she would be more at peace than the constant flutter of emotion that accompanies her constant crushing on one fish or another.

But as Laura has pointed out time and again, "Sam, what would you know? The last time you had a date was in junior high!"

It's an exageration, but not by much. I don't date, because most of the guys at my school and in my area are foolish and listen only to their hormones. I'd rather wait. And I have dated on and off. There's even been a special guy, once or twice. I just don't feel the need to fill every Saturday night.

But what can you do with a person like me?
Tags: branham, drama

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