Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Oh, but of course I am perfectly fine.

It's been one of those weeks, y'know? Monday starts off with a bang - Soss-sensei yelled at our class until he was hoarse and threatened to fail us all. He spent much of the period coming up with new, terrible ways to make us suffer. I can't tell you how thrilled I was. Class was so interesting. I've never had an evil teacher before. It would be so fun if he sticks to his word to make class hell for us. ^_^
Tuesday was pretty average. Fluffy, my Butler's truck, wouldn't start so he had to call his mommy to come get us and that was pretty funny. I also found out that one of Butler's friends (what's his name anyway, Butler?) actually has heard of some of the artists I like. (X-Japan, GLAY, Luna Sea, etc. etc. etc.) How cool is that? More importantly, Butler found the full version of Art of Life for me, so I was finally able to hear the whole thing. **heart**
Wednesday felt like a swift kick in the butt, though. Kazia (Kazia being a nickname I've been given)and Bergie, I wanted to say, "Goodbye" to you guys, but there wasn't enough time. When we decided to go, we were flying down the highway at 90 mph. Ummm... Bergie and Kazia, I didn't get your phone numbers with me when I left. I didn't really take anything along, and I can't tell you where I am right now. There are people looking for us and I've got to lie low for a while. I don't think I'll be back to school this year. Can you guys say hi and bye to everyone and kinda let them know I'm safe and won't be back. I'd appreciate that. Suffice to say I am over a hundred miles away Basically, one of my amigos just lettin' me know that we won't be playing anytime soon. Plus, she still has one of my Fushigi Yuugi tapes. Pffffft. She'd been MIA since Sunday night/Monday, but I thought she was just hiding at her boyfriend's house. Nope, not there. Poop and spider spit!
Thursday was mostly just follow up. Went to school, tried to concentrate in art but couldn't. We're doing watercolors, but as we're using school supplies, all they have are AWFUL cheap paintbrushes and gooey paints. I can't stand it. I'm very tempted to bring my own supplies, but that almost feels like giving in, y'know? Economics is shaping up into a very dull class, so I think I might set a new record for doodles there. **sigh** So much for my dreams of a challenge...
Today was like treading through water. You can do it for a while, but then you get tired, especially when you notice that for all your energy expended, you haven't gone anywhere. Very frustrating.
So, in my exceptionally perfect way of dealing with everything, I'm going to go sulk with my precious Yoshiki-sama. (Since hide is dead and all. -_-) He has a studio in L.A., you know? Maybe next time Kris goes down there, I'll hide in the trunk of her car and figure out where his studio is and try to stalk him. Mwaaa haaa haaa.

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