Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Aaaw how sweet!

So after announcing our engagement online, Seanie and I were flooded with congratulations. That was pretty sweet of everyone, but it spilled over into real life, too. When we went to small group last night, Jeannie brought sparkling cider so that everyone could toast us. Aaaaaaaw! Diane, too, brought a bottle of champagne for Seanie and me to drink later. Double aaaaaaw!!

In small group, we also had two newbies joining us. Aaron and Dina. I wonder if it was awkward for them - their first night with the group and they're suddenly drinking sparkling cider for a couple they've never met. To compound things, Aaron seems pretty smart - at least, far more knowledgeable about the Bible than most of the group - and Jeannie, Seanie and I were doing the weekly lesson. They probably thought we were idiots.

Oh well. It was a fun night, nevertheless!
Tags: engagement, friends, jeannie, seanie, small group

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