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Christmas Wishlist 2010

Yeah, I know. I bitch and moan about how much I hate Christmas presents, and then I make a Christmas Present Wishlist. It seems hypocritical, doesn't it? Yet, here we are:

Christmas Wishlist 2010

What charities do we like this year?

Central Asia Institute -
Builds schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Founder Greg Mortenson published a very inspirational book bout the founding of the organization called Three Cups of Tea. Great read if you haven't had a chance to check it out.

Technically, this isn't charity, it's microfinancing...but I like that, because it helps people build a sustainable lifestyle rather than becoming dependent on handouts. Plus, once a loan is repaid I can give the money to another person, and then another, and then another...

Habitat for Humanity -
It's a classic. I like it.


Clothes tend to sell out quickly, so giftcards to and will always be very appreciated. (Or, except I'm pretty sure they don't offer gift certificates.  Lame!)  Some specific items I am very much in love with at the moment:

Modern Maid Marion Wedge, Size 8

Hidden Getaway Jacket, Size XS

Red Riding Hood Skirt, Size Small

Red & Black Dress, size Small


What about TV?

Avatar: The Last Airbender Seasons 2 & 3
season 2:
season 3:


And books?

Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume

Japanese Ghosts & Demons: Art of the Supernatural

31 Months in Japan: The Building of a Theme Park

The Disney Mountains: Imagineering at Its Peak

The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales

Masami Teraoka

Sacred Luxuries: Fragrance, Aromatherapy and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt:

Child of the Morning


Random, miscellaneous weird stuff:

Egyptian Chess Set
(I'm not married to this particular set, although I think it's very, very RAD) I just really like the idea of an Egyptian-themed chess set made of a sturdy, non-plastic material.)

Big Fish Umbrella (or similar bubble umbrella)
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