Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Steepster Review Round-up, November.

Sweet Potato Pie by Adagio
It’s pretty light, but the Sweet Potato Pie tea does have a yammy flavor. Starchy. I don’t get the ‘pie’ so much as the vegetable, although maybe it’d be a bit creamy if I added some milk. I actually like the tea; it’s a good savory flavor, but like a couple of other people commented, I’m a bit stumped by what to drink it with.

Budou Green by Lupicia
Well, it tastes like grapes. Big, purple grapes.
In fact, I feel like I’m in church, drinking the communion grape juice.

The tea’s pretty perfumey, and the grape flavoring tastes pretty fake. I can barely taste the sencha, save for a slight bitterness. Too bad. The tea is completely overwhelmed by whatever they used to to pump up the grape flavoring.

The brew itself is the yellow-green of green grapes, which would be thematically appropriate if the ‘sweet andmellow Kyoho grape’ that flavors this drink wasn’t a deep purple-black. But hey, props for trying!

White Tangerine by Adagio
I did it wrong.
It tastes like pencil shavings.

I’ll try again later.

Orzo Strawberry by Lupicia
So what is orzo? It was recommended to me as a coffee alternative, so when I saw it at Lupicia I was curious. As I picked it up, I remember thinking, “Gee, but it has no caffeine, which is pretty much why I drink coffee. Certainly not for the taste. I don’t think I want this if it tastes like coffee…there’s no benefit!” Then I noticed that they had some flavored orzo selections as well, and after some debating I decided to take home the Orzo Strawberry. I’ve had good luck with Lupicia’s other strawberry teas.

Whatever they use for strawberry flavoring in the “Carol” and “Strawberry & Vanilla” teas, it’s here as well, and quite strong. It complements the orzo, which tastes like toasted rice with a hint of chocolate. Yes, chocolate! So I guess this is like a malty chocolate-covered strawberry.

That sounds weird. But it tastes OK!

PS – Drink totally looks like coffee in my glass.

White Christmas by Lupicia
This is probably my favorite holiday tea. (I’ve never cared for ‘spicy’ cinnamon or chai teas, so that tends to eliminate about three quarters of the holiday blends out there.)

The word that comes to mind as I drink this is creamy. Apricot flavor can go one of two ways: it can either be sharp and tangy, almost citrus-like in its intensity, or it can be very soft and mellow. This apricot definitely falls into the latter category. I’m guessing its the influence of the white chocolate, which I don’t really taste otherwise. I get the tiniest hint of vanilla, too.

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