Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Thanksgiving Thursday: Buckley Edition

I went to Seanie's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Spent most of the afternoon sitting on a couch with Rhi, who is massively pregnant and can't stand for more than a few minutes. In addition to Sean's brothers and us girls, his parents, his uncle and aunt and their son, wife and grandchildren were all there. It was a huge group. A little overwhelming, if I'm being honest.

The grandchildren are two and three now, I think. Maybe three and four. They're distressingly ill-adapted to enunciating clearly, preferring to screech and mumble. It makes it a chore to play with them, so I ignored the children. But it makes me wonder, when do kids start talking clearly? I mean, if Lady Jane Grey started her schooling at three...I'm not going to be a fun parent, am I? I'm going to be demanding and won't give my kids enough time to play. If Queen Elizabeth I was fluent in six languages by the time she was eleven, any offspring I have had better speak at least one language decently by the time they're four. None of this pointing and whining crap.

Anyway. So the kids were running around, and the guys were mostly clustered at the bar. I had a chance to talk with Holly, the kids' mother, which was nice - I only see her once a year since her family lives in Colorado. But in the end, we were 'racing' each other playing iPhone games.
(Yeah, we were a little bored.)
Tags: jared, rhi, seanie, terry, thanksgiving

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