Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Extremely Lazy Dicken's Fair

I knew this year wouldn't be a "real" Dicken's Fair when I woke up and couldn't be bothered to dress up in a Victorian costume. I wasn't feeling up to it; my throat was sore with the itchy beginnings of a cold. I pulled on jeans and my black-and-white Katwise coat and was ready to go.

We were meeting Terry, Rhi and Jared up in San Francisco. Because of the twins in her belly, Rhi was going to ride around in a wheelchair all day. That would be interesting.

At Safeway, a frazzled Starbucks barista made a drink for me. (Poor lady - the espresso machine was broken and some guy yelled at her because she couldn't make the drink he wanted.) She was really sweet; she overheard me complaining to Seanie that the last time I got a Peppermint Mocha, they hadn't put chocolate spinkles on it like in the advertising picture. She put tons of sprinkles on my peppermint hot chocolate. She olso told me that she loved my jacket, and I should "keep that original spirit alive!!!"

After we parked our car ($10 for parking, by the way - such a rip-off!) we got in a long line to enter. A sweet older woman behind me complimented my coat, which made me smile. She and her friends were all wearing red and purple - Red Hat Society, it turns out. These little compliments turned into an all day affair. It seemed like every five minutes someone was stopping me to tell me how much they adored my coat, and did I make it myself? When I answered that no, I didn't make it, they asked wherever did I get it? Apparently by mid-day people had been talking about the jacket behind my back; several shopkeepers said "Oh, YOU'RE the girl everyone's talking about!" when I walked into the store.
It was insane.
Also, it's a little jealous-making. I mean, nothing I've made with my own two hands has ever garnered this sort of response.

We had high tea with Rhi's mother Kathleen, Kathleen's boyfriend Eric, and Eric's mother Allie. That Allie, she's a crazy one. Looks like she's in her 50s but she's nearly 70. Fun as heck to talk to, but she's totally got adult ADHD or something. Later in the day, after she had a few drinks, she was hitting on Jared, who is only a third her age. Nothing awkward about that...!

As always, it's tons of fun to shop, but everything at the Dicken's Fair is so expensive that Seanie and I rarely make any purchases. This year, all I bought was one apple-scented candle. There were tons of other items I wanted, naturally, but couldn't justify the expense.

Every year, I want to watch a lot of the shows and singing groups, but never do. It's so hard to sit down when all you want to do is wander.

But it's fun. I'd go every weekend if I could. (Seanie wouldn't, though, he'd kick himself in the head first. One day of "Victorian London" is all he can take, annually.)

Man, wish I'd taken some photos. I forgot my camera or something.
Tags: dickens fair, fashion, jared, rhi, terry

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