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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One (Second Post)

I felt like I should write a little bit more about the Deathly Hallows movie I watched Thursday night. (I always say Deathly Hollows, even though I know better. It's very silly.) Unlike Jeannie, I didn't reread the book before we went to the movies, so a lot of the details of the story have slipped my mind.

First off, the Muggle clothes looked great. I mean, one of my problems with the movies is that the kids shouldn't be wearing Muggle street clothes at Hogwarts, and adult wizards shouldn't be wearing Muggle clothing ever, but given that much of this film takes place with Ron, Harry and Hermione on the run it makes more sense that they'd wear Muggle clothes. That said, the red dress Hermione wore to Bill & Fleur's wedding looked smashing on her. The striped suit she 'borrows' to wear to the Ministry of Magic is fantastic. Umbridge's little pink suits are as perfect for her character as ever.

Hermione's first scene, where she's erasing the memory of her existence from her parents, really set the tone for the movie. There’s nothing glorious about this adventure. The washed out colors in most of the scenes don’t help. Everyone just looks sad and desperate.

Most characters’ deaths occur off-screen, but we do see some pretty gory injuries. I was really surprised by the bloodiness of Ron’s splinching (splicing? All of a sudden, I can’t remember what it’s called.) This definitely ain’t no kid’s movie.

It’s long. I mean, they cut the seventh book into two movies and it’s still really friggin’ long. On our way home, we were discussing what scenes could be cut and we had trouble coming up with a lot. Sure, we didn’t need to see Hermione and Harry dancing, and a lot of scenes are a little long, but most of the story elements were so poorly explained in previous movies that we need to get the information here.

Do I like it? No, not really. I didn’t much care for the book, either, so I guess there’s no surprise there. But I’m committed to the story at this point so I have to see the movies through to the bitter end.

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