Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A forgotten past time is being taken off the shelf and dusted off...

It occurred to me at some point this week that the best gift I could get for $10 or less would be some form of game. Board games are one of the things we do together in small group, after all! There’s even a company called Cheap Ass Games that specializes in making fun board games for less than $10.

It turns out, though, that finding Cheap Ass Games is a bit of a chore. The store I used to buy them at closed down last year. The Cheap Ass website doesn’t have a directory of stores that stock their products. It’s too late to order on-line. So I decided to spend yesterday afternoon hitting every hobby and game store I could think of until I found a game.

First, I had Seanie check Legends, a comic book/game store in Cupertino. They didn’t have anything.

When I got off work, I went to D&J Hobby in Campbell to see if they carried any of the games. I hadn’t been to the store in years; it’s a lot smaller than I remember and the selection already looked pretty thinned out. Christmas is still two weeks away, so I was really surprised. The owner said that he no longer stocked Cheap Ass products because they weren’t all that profitable for the shelf space they took up. He suggested some place in Berkeley – no way was I driving all the way up there – and a store called Game Kastle in downtown San Jose, near the airport.

I’d never heard of Game Kastle before, but a quick call confirmed that they had very, very few Cheap Ass games available. Seanie and I headed over and they had one – just one! – copy of a Cheap Ass board game. It was even Christmas-themed; how seasonally appropriate. So bam! One $10 gift down. It was really fun to look at all the other games they carried. There were a bunch of Egyptian-themed games, and I really wanted to buy one to take home…but games average between $40-$60, and I really shouldn’t be buying stuff for myself so close to Christmas. Too many other gifts to buy.

But then I ended up buying two $15 card games for myself instead. Ha. One of them involves killing a James Bond-esque spy and the other involves cowboys, poker and zombies.
Merry Christmas to me.

PS – Nefertiti is an awesome-looking game. You should buy it for me. Merry Christmas!!
Tags: board games, christmas, shopping

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