Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's been a good weekend at work.

On Friday, Mike handed me my bonus check. Woohoo! Bonuses are always exciting. I opened it up and it was a LOT more than I expected! I was expecting $100, the same check I got last year. Nope. My holiday bonus for 2010 is $350.00.

This morning, as I was cheerfully staring out at nothing, one of the members of the Tennis Committee came in with a big, tasty-looking gift basket for me:

(Straight from Costco, I have no doubt.)

So it's been a good weekend at far.

Right now I've got a crazy lady running a bridal shower. She's been a pain since she got here, insisting that in previous years the Clubhouse was set up for her (furniture moved, linens set up, etc) and that isn't true. We don't offer that service. Further, I suspect that at the end of the party, she'll contest the charges.

But focus on the good things. It's been a good weekend.
Tags: rha

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