Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Weight, for the record

Today is the tipping point of the holiday season. From this day forward, a steady stream of cookies, cake, and sweets will parade into my mouth.

Sure, I had received a lovely snack basket from the Tennis Committee, but everything in it is sealed up and shrink-wrapped so there's no urgency to eat it. I at work can wait until January to rip open that box of cookies or tear off the plastic wrap on those chocolates. Baked goods don't have the same luxury; they must be eaten immediately for maximum freshness.

I knew today was the day when I went to Serenity Day Spa for my monthly facial and Nina, my aesthetician, gave me a plate with a dozen or so homemade cookies on it. It was great. I happily snacked on a few as I drove home. But I knew I'd be helping Jeannie make pies in just a few hours for our small group party tonight, and next time I went to work residents would almost certainly be filling our desk with cookies and cakes. (At least that's how it worked last year!)

So I had to weigh myself and confirm that as of this moment, I am 106.7 lbs. Let's see how much weight I've gained by the time I come back from Disney World on January 6th. I bet it's going to be terrifying.

That said, pass the cookies!
Tags: candy, diet, food, sweets

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