Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

SJSU Orientation 2.0

I met with my academic adviser for the first time today. (When I went to orientation last summer, she'd already taken off on vacation so I never saw her.) She was very thorough, and for the first time I really talked about my career aspirations and goals with someone knowledgeable. I told her I wanted to work in museums as an art curator, or go into art conservation. She told me that there was good news - she'd had a lot of success placing students at the DeYoung and Legion of Honor, two of San Francisco's best art museums - but there was also some not-so-jolly news.
A/ I'm going to need to bone up on my chemistry. Like, I should minor in it, if not try to pull a double major. +1 year or more 'til graduation.
B/ I don't have to take a foreign language to graduate (woo hoo!) but it is strongly recommended, especially if I plan to continue on to grad school, so yeah, I do have to take Spanish because
C/ Yes, I am going to have to go to grad school eventually if I want a job in a museum.
Le sigh.
I'll never be done with school.

Oh well, my fault, right?

We picked out my classes for the spring semester, and she took me around to meet some of the art history grad students. That was actually useful. Of course, she also made it clear that there was a certain expectation that I would hurry up and get active with school activities and making connections, because we are at school to network our brains out as well as learn.

Eew, social. We'll see.
Tags: art history, sjsu

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