Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yes, gender does matter.

Me: Hi Auntie T. Remember those art supplies you gave me for Christmas? The charcoal pencils, the kneaded eraser, the big board?
Auntie T: Yes.
Me: I made my first creation with them the other day.
Auntie T:What did you draw?
Me: I used the charcoal pencils in my sketch diary to draw a pair of men making out.
Auntie T: **laughs and laughs** You're such a kidder!
Me: No, honest. I did. Really.
Auntie T: **laughing so hard she's in danger of choking**
Me: No, really. See?
Auntie T: She looks like she's going to bite him.
Me: Well, yeah. But that's not the point. 'She' was originally a 'he.'
Auntie T: You're so silly when you haven't eaten. Want to stop at McDonalds?
Me: Okay.
Anyway, so I did, you know. Draw two men making out. I didn’t know they were both men at the time, and in the sketch it’s definitely a woman anyway. That’s not the point. The moral of the story is always ALWAYS ALWAYS when you’re using Japanese musicians as models for your art project, find out what gender they are BEFORE you begin working. Especially if they’re a band you’ve only just learned about – in this case, Malice Mizer. If you fail to follow these steps, you will suffer from incredible shock later.
So you’ve been warned.

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