Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Buckley Sock Party, 2010

Every year, Seanie's family has a Sock Party. We all have a stocking with our name on it, and we buy little gifts to stick inside. Over the years it's evolved into quite the challenge, as it's getting pretty freakin' tough to find anything of quality for under $5 or even $10.

I tend to shop like a machine, getting the same thing for everybody. Sometimes I feel bad for my lack of personalization, but dude, it is hard enough getting regular presents for everyone. This year, everyone got a Christmas cracker and a tin of tea.

Once again I found myself explaining crackers; I think Rhi was the only person familiar with them. Crikey, I didn't realize they were so unusual! Anyway. Once the concept was understood, Sean's family seemed to have a lot of fun with them. We even got everyone to wear the gold paper crowns. His father especially enjoyed the cheesy jokes. Most of the prizes inside the crackers matched pretty well, too. His mother got a shoehorn, and was pleased with it. (Weird, I know.) Jared got a small tool kit. Sean's father got a can opener. Terry got a tiny pack of cards. Seanie got an emery board, but he swapped it with his aunt for a small yo-yo.

There was something cool in just about everyone's sock. I got a Starbucks giftcard, several teas, and some nice books. Most of the boys got tools and gadgets. Rhi got a lovely purple scarf. Sean's dad got a book full of useless inventions, which was pretty funny.

One slight downer was Sean's uncle, who kept looking at items in his sock and saying "Oh, I'll give this to the grandkids" and "Another one for the grandson!" It was kinda like, can't you at least pretend you're interested? But I think he may have been a little buzzed. He kept asking questions about a tin of tea I gave him that could have easily been answered just by opening it up to look. Oh well. Ever since Seanie's brother installed a bar at his parent's house, his uncle spends most of his visit sitting there downing margaritas.

Sean's mom made so many cookies and candies. There was no way we could eat them all, especially since the dogs kept coming over and sniffing them and trying to get at them. After the first dog managed to lick one of the plates, I couldn't touch anything else...and you know how I love sweets!

The sock party ran super-late; it was 11:30pm before we left. So I'm a little wiped out at work today. But it was fun.

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Less than a week, now!
Tags: christmas, family, party, seanie

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