Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Christmas Cookie Baking, mostly aborted

I hung out with Kitty and Kero and the gang last night.  We planned to bake cookies. Kitty was hosting because she wanted all her baking gear, but in retrospect this was a bad idea because she was going to dinner with some of her friends first.  As a result, our plans to meet at her house at eight didn't work out so well, because she was still out.  By the time she came home and we were actually in her house, it was past nine.

By then, we were too tired to make anything from scratch.  Kitty had some frozen cookie dough, however, so we were still able to get cookies made.  The cookies were pre-shaped and everything - all we had to do was slap them down on a tray and stick 'em in an oven.  So we just sat around and talked about Kitty's dog Barky, who spent most of the evening farting.  Dogs are great that way.

On the one hand, it was fun to hang out with everyone. I hadn't seen Bandaid and Sandy in months.  But on the other hand...meeting so late when everyone's tired doesn't lead to sparkling, witty conversation.  In the new year, I think I'm going to have to make a serious effort to get the group of us to hang out more often, because when there's such long gaps between visits it's really hard to maintain the friendships.

At least we remembered to take group pictures this time:

From left to right: Sandy, Kero, me, Bandaid (back), Kitty (front)

Tags: bandaid, friends, kero, kitty, photo, sandy

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