Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Rhi has babies! I have nephews!

So I’m rushing out the door this morning, as usual, when my Mom mentions that Seanie called. Rhi’s water broke!

OK, I think, but I have to drive to work now. I’ll call him when I get there. When I run into the office, practically sprinting so I can get my timecard punched before 8:01, the general manager pokes his head out and calls, “Sean called.”
(I’m not even sure the general manager knows who Sean is.)

I glance at my cell phone and realize he’s called that, too. All this over some spilled water? I log onto Gmail so we can chat, and Seanie tells me he’s leaving work early so he can go to the hospital, where Rhi is now in labor. For a moment, my brain goes blank: am I supposed to drop everything and run to Rhi’s side? Why? I can’t see how having cheerleaders makes the birthing process any more bearable, especially since they’re off in some remote waiting room, not at your side. Not that it matters, really. I have to stay at work.

So I sit at my desk and think about my classes at SJSU – I’m waitlisted for half of them, and nervous I might not get in – while Seanie texts me updates throughout the day. Rhi’s in labor, his aunt and uncle have arrived, his father is there, Rhi’s still in labor, etc.

About seven hours after her water broke, Baby A arrives.
Shortly after, Baby B pops outta the womb.
Each of the twins is over six pounds.

Man. All I can say is Rhi is a woman made for making babies. Both of her sons weigh more than I did, a single child, at birth.

Jeannie comes into work early, so I wonder off toward the hospital. I stop to pick up an audio book, which flusters Seanie because he’s terrified I’ll miss the Announcement of the Baby Names. I don’t see what he’s so worried about; ‘Chicken’ and ‘Nugget’ have worked well enough for me so far. But I get to the hospital right around four, just in time.


Baby A is Liam Mathesum. (At least, that’s how Seanie spells it. I heard “Matheson”.)
Baby B is Arlo Jean. (Jean Harlow?)

And here they are:

Arlo is the red-faced guy in front. Liam is the other one.

Since they’re twins and a month early, the little guys have to stay at the baby ICU until they gain some weight. We were able to view them through a window. Some members of the family went in to hold them, but the nurses limited how many visitors the twins could have, so I opted to wait.

I’m kinda like an aunt now. I’m not yet bonded to these guys by law (neither Rhi nor myself is hitched) and they don’t share my blood, so I’m not as excited as the rest of Seanie’s family. Like, I’m not gonna drop everything and run to the hospital every day ‘til the kids come home. But it is pretty freakin’ cool that the twins are here and healthy.

Welcome, Liam and Arlo!
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