Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Writer's Block: Nom nom nom

What's your favorite snack for a rainy afternoon?

Why, a nice hot cup of tea, of course!
(What could possibly be better?)

When it's a drizzling sort of day, I like a hot cup of Earl Grey. Outside the weather is damp and depressing, but it's not raining hard enough to really soak you unless you stand in it for hour or two. The warm tea keeps you toasty and the twist of citrus perks you right up, giving you the energy to live your day as if the dampness isn't any sort of bother.

If it's a drumming rain, the sort you can hear as it plops down on your rooftop, a vanilla tea is more appropriate. It's even better when accompanied by a cookie or two. The sweetness of the vanilla is comforting, and the raindrops will lull you into a peaceful, contemplative mood. I end up feeling quite serene.

Sometimes the rain is just pouring down; you can hear it SLAMMING on the pavement and drowning out other sounds. When it rains like this, I'm hypnotized by the countless ripples each drop makes on the surface of ponds and puddles. If I must go out in this rain, I get soaked almost immediately, so I need something exceptionally warming to bring feeling back to my fingers and toes. There is no better time to luxuriate in a perfectly prepared pot of chai tea.

Thunderstorms are rare in San Jose, but when we get them the hills surrounding the valley often block the view of the storm. Isn't that a pity? I can go out on my porch and be protected from the wet, but I can't watch streaks of lightning slash the sky. All around me, I can still hear thunder pounding. It is then that I like to have the tang of mint green tea; the strong, sharp flavor seems to complement the intensity of the lightning. (If it's a hot summer thunderstorm, this tea is nice iced.)
Tags: food, tea, writer's block

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