Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Monitering Oracle shenanigans...

Original Reuter's article here:

Facebook to move to former Sun Micro headquarters
MENLO PARK, Calif | Tue Feb 8, 2011 1:59pm EST

MENLO PARK, Calif Feb 8 (Reuters) - Facebook will relocate its corporate headquarters to Menlo Park, California, starting this summer, the fast-growing social networking company's second move in less than two years.

Facebook, which has about 2,000 employees and is now based in nearby Palo Alto, said Tuesday that the move to another part of Silicon Valley gives it more room to grow its staff in the future.

The world's largest social network with more than half a billion users, Facebook is chalking up sizzling growth in both operations and employees.

It leased the 1-million-square-foot campus -- the former headquarters of Sun Microsystems, which Oracle Corp (ORCL.O) took over in 2010 -- and will begin moving in June or July. (Reporting by Alexei Oreskovic, editing by Gerald E. McCormick)


Sucks for my Dad. He's been at that office ever since Sun Microsystems first moved there, back in the 1990s. He managed to stay with Oracle when they bought out Sun, and still works for them today...but I don't know how much longer he'll be with the company. I guess that it will largely depend on where they move his office. I mean, if he gets moved to one of Oracle's San Jose campuses that would just be fabulous. But if they move his team farther away, I don't know if he'll keep working. The long commute might not be worth it to him.

We'll see!
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