Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Of course I'll keep my promise; don't I always?

I'm staring at my art project and wishing it would go away. I have to draw squash; specifically, squash that appears to be peeling off the canvas. It's supposed to be surreal, I guess - I couldn't come up with any good ideas for the picture.
I brought my Luna Sea CD and the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne soundtrack that I got last week to school today. I meant to listen to them in Leadership, but we actually did work today and I didn't have a chance. We have been discussing a "Winter Sports Program" and planning it all month, and personally it makes me want to retch. We must have a dozen other programs we've promised to produce for the school: a talent show, fashion show, "Mr. BHS," and International Day are only the tip of the iceberg. Instead, we're focusing on turning this sports rally into a "second Homecoming." The members of Leadership wondered why no one was that pumped up for a Basketball Homecoming. I'll tell you why, you idiots - we've already had a bloody Homecoming. No matter how you look at it, athletics is just athletics, and there are a lot of students who aren't interested in them. They make all these pretty resolutions about how they'd like to "reach out" to the rest of the students, yet they persist in activities that glorify only the athletes. It drives me insane, and tires me out.

Exhausted, I tried to take a nap all afternoon, but the phone kept ringing. First, Auntie T wanted to know if I'd picked up my pet sophomore's project yet. (Oops!) Then, Heidi had to find out what she'd missed in physics. Kitty called to chat, and Davy called to find out if we were still meeting up next Monday. I just wanted them all to go away so I could SLEEP. But time flew by and suddenly it was time to drag my butt back to Branham so that I could sell Student Store items at the boy's basketball game. (I need the community service hours, unfortunately.) I ditched halfway through the varsity game after the dance team finished their routine. (They have new costumes. Ooooo. But their stomachs still poke out. Eeeew.) On my way out, suddenly everyone had to stop me and have a quick chat. I'd been there for an hour, doing nada because no one wants to purchase foam paws or pompoms when our team is losing, and it was only now that they noticed?

Thanks a lot.

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