Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The Green Hornet

Believing that it is my duty as a half-Chinese American, I went to see The Green Hornet.  Gotta support those Asians whenever they manage to land a major role in a film.  Go Jay Chou.  Plus,superheroes.  Awesome.

The plot: Following the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father's large media company, teams up with his late dad's assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team. In a twist on the usual crime-fighting routine, The Green Hornet pretends to be a villain even as he's busting up other villains. 

First, the cool: Kato kicks ass. I mean, you knew that if it's a role formerly played by Bruce Lee, it's gotta be good...but having no previous exposure to Green Hornet franchise, I had no idea how good it would be.  I mean, I expected an awesome martial artist.  Kato's great with his hands, a genius when it comes to building awesome machines.  He can draw.  He can play piano.  He can pretty much do anything (except swim). 
Kato also genuinely cares about Britt Reid.  He calls Britt his brother and does his best to protect his friend from the bad guys.  (This is a big job, considering Britt has no crime-fighting talent beyond a lot of bluster.)

By contrast, Britt is a dick.  I don't know why Kato puts up with him.  Britt constantly insults Kato.  He is unable to accept Kato as a partner - even though let's face it, Kato's the superhero here - and an equal.  He's boorish, immature, and not very bright.  He's utterly unlikeable.  I spent most of the movie wanting Seth Rogen to GO AWAY.  It doesn't help that Rogen can't pass as a superhero, even a totally inept one. 

One of the things that actually really bothered me about the Green Hornet was his total disregard for the innocent.  I mean, OK, I get that he was trying to be an undercover superhero.  But in his various fights he kills a lot of innocent civilians and cops - not exactly heroic.  

I did really love Chudnofsky.  There's just something so cute about a middle-aged villain who starts going a little crazy because he's worried about his public image.  Why doesn't anyone think I'm scary anymore???  Insecurity.  It's truly entertaining.

That brings us to the final main character: Cameron Diaz.  (I've already forgotten what her character's name was.)  She's a temp. secretary brought in when Britt takes over his father's role at the newspaper.  Fine, fine.  Somehow, this secretary is a crime expert, just because she happened to study journalism and criminology in college.  Uh...sure.  Because a BA takes you straight to the top of your field - that's why at 36 she's still doing temp. work.  (Does it make me a jerk to point this out?   Well, this movie is full of jerks so I feel like it's OK!!)

The story's full of plot holes and a lot of the characters suck, but the choreography is pretty freakin' awesome. 

Also, some very excellent sartorial choices were made.
Tags: movies, superheroes

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