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And somewhere, a sophomore burns...

Me: (writing to a friend in Japan) So why do singers in Japan stick random English into their songs?
Yuu: (the friend) I don't know, but their accents are terrible, don't you think?
Me: (thinking) (yes, I do that sometimes) She's got a point there...
I'm just bringing that up because I'm listening to this song by Two-Mix called Burning, and there's a part of the chorus where they're singing 'BURNIN' HEART BURNIN' HEART BURNIN' MY HEART,' but I would never realize that if I didn't know that's what they were saying. Yeah.


So I spent the day cleaning out my closet. I found all sorts of things in there - old shoes (some of which I outgrew in third grade), hats galore, books and books and more books, a half-eaten box of Everlasting Gobstoppers, my Savage Garden CD, and a neon pink purse. Wow. Yet, despite the fact that the insides of my closets are now organized (kill me kills me KILLS ME!) there was no sense of satisfaction in a job well done. What a bummer.


So I found out today that my pet sophomore apparently has been having temper tantrums all week long, doing all sorts of terrible things like throwing sharp pointy objects at her mother, who is my very cool Auntie Tanya that I happen to like more than my pet most of the time because she's uber-cool. Anyway, so on Thursday she was placed in 72-hour-hold at the hospital or something. I was very surprised, because while I knew that my pet and her mother had been having spats left and right I hadn't realized it had escalated so. I mean, I saw my pet just the other day and she seemed perfectly normal, although [very] late to school. I saw her on that was right before she got checked in. Hmmm. Apparently, she's been telling Auntie T that her father is her favorite parent, she loves him best and wants to live with him blah blah blah blah. Part of me is really sad, because she's been my amigo for so long, and part of me wants to go, "You know what? Shut up, because Auntie T is bloody awesome and you should be grateful to have such a great mother, bitch."

She's had a history of [mental] problems, though. I mean, nothing as extreme as this, but ADD and stuff relating to extreme attention problems.

Jinkies, how do people do this to themselves?

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