Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It is for days like today that we live in California!

We're in the midst of some unseasonably warm weather here in San Jose. Yesterday the temperature was in the high 70s, maybe even the low 80s. Today has been the same.

It's so beautiful outside. The sky is a brilliant blue and clear, not a single white puff or wisp in it. The flowering pear tree in our backyard has started to blossom, and the white petals have sprinkled all over the green grass and the dishwater grey sidewalk. Even the cracked, mossy bricks look lovely.

I want to go hiking. I want to visit the redwoods in Santa Cruz or the grassy hills in the East Bay.

Instead, I'm stuck at home because I have homework that must be completed. If I wasn't here, I'd be at Seanie's house, watching the Superbowl at his family's party.
What a waste of a beautiful day, watching the final game of a sport I've never cared for on a big screen TV. I'd rather do homework!

But even more so, I'd rather be out and about in the beautiful weather.
Tags: california, homework

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