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10 February 2011 @ 01:37 pm
Wild Wild West  
How did I not see the movie Wild Wild West when it first came out?

I mean, it has Will Smith in it. I LOVE Will Smith. He's just so awesome. He always seems to be dressed well, he raps, he acts, he has a cute family. He's been The Fresh Prince, a secret government agent, a homeless superhero, and a doctor/zombiefighter! He's currently in pre-production for a movie where he's going to be a freakin' Pharoah!!


So yeah. Will Smith = Great Movie. Winning formula, right?

Additionally, Wild Wild West has Kevin Kline as Smith's partner. KEVIN KLINE! I have an established history of not liking movies with Kevin Kline, and yet whenever I hear he's in a movie I'm like, "Oooo! Kevin Kline!" He was in a movie version of The Pirates of Penzance, in which he was The Pirate King. Great role. Terrible movie. I also thought A Midsummer Night's Dream was crap, but I'm pretty sure he was in that one. Hmmm...I thought he was funny in A Prarie Home Companion, but that was a BORING LONG ASS movie. Huh. That's weird.

So...Wild Wild West. On the one hand, Will Smith. I'm gonna love it. On the other hand, Kevin Kline. I'm gonna hate it. WHICH WILL WIN????


Holy crap steampunk cowboys I am in love.
Also, holy crap that is a stupid plot with stupid dialogue and stupid characters and STUPID SPIDERS EVERYWHERE.

Wild Wild West is a bad movie. But it's so bad it's good, like Mystery Men. Or maybe I just have a weakness for terrible, terrible movies. (That's what Seanie thinks; he's always telling me I have bad taste in movies.) But I was kinda very delighted with Wild Wild West.

Eighty foot mechanical spiders! Hyponosis brassieres! Rocket-powered penny-farthing bicycles! Round sunglasses! Hip Western wear! Tight-laced corsets! There's so much awesome in the costume design and gadgety steampunk STUFF. Even though the special effects often seem primitive by today's standards, the sets and everything just LOOK SO COOL.

But OMG Kenneth Brannagh WHY IS HE IN THIS MOVIE I HATE HIM SO MUCH AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY. He's so smarmy and his over-the-top Southern accent almost killed me.
Also that guy with the little horn poking out of his ear? Gross.
And that awkward "Touch my breast!" conversation? Eeew.

And yet I was laughing and delighted for most of the movie. I wonder if I'm going batty in my old age?
jeanniejeannietran on February 12th, 2011 05:56 am (UTC)
For someone who loves Will Smith so much, it's shocking that you haven't seen Independence Day. I used to love him too, but lately he just seems to annoy me. Also, he's allowing his children to do this instead of getting an education:

Suzik00kaburra on February 12th, 2011 04:07 pm (UTC)
According to Wikipedia (which is infalliable, right?) he's got some sort of special school for his kids based on a Scientology method of teaching. Weird huh?
jeanniejeannietran on February 13th, 2011 06:53 am (UTC)
I heard/read in an interview with Willow that she doesn't care about school, and doesn't think she should have to do any learning of any kind since she's already figured out what she wants to do. What the heck is the Scientology method of teaching? That's another thing that bothers me about Will Smith, all this Scientology BS.