Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

C'mon Bookbuyers, don't be cheap!

Seanie took a batch of books up to Bookbuyers in Mountain View on his lunch break. Poor guy had to carry in two mail bins full of my books, and two red crates full of my mom's old classroom books, all by himself. We were hoping that Bookbuyers would take most of the books and give us a decent chunk of store credit. Previous visits had netted as much as two hundred dollars in store credit!

Unfortunately, Bookbuyers recently revised their trade-in policy, and apparently decided to give much, much less in exchange for your books. They took twenty-five of my books - probably about twenty-five to thirty percent of what I brought - and the majority of Mom's picture books (she only had about twenty left, and she must have brought around one hundred). For all that, they only gave us fifty dollars in store credit. It was really disappointing; I had hoped to replenish Mom's credit account since I'm always borrowing from it, but even if most of that fifty dollars came from my books - and who knows how it broke down, since Bookbuyers doesn't tell you individual prices for the books they take, only the total dollar amount. (A frustrating thing about them is that if you decide you don't like the amount they give you, too bad - the exchanges are arranged in such a way that you can't "take back" individual books.)

But I suppose fifty bucks is better than nothing, right?

After loading the rejected books back into Seanie's car, we got Italian food from Pasta?. I think we must have just beat the dinner crowd because we didn't have to wait to be seated at all, and it seemed as if the food was on the table only ten minutes after we ordered! The servers were really attentive, too.
We had the Ravioli Della Casa and the Gnocchi Tartufati. Both dishes arrived piping hot, and as we were ravenous we cleared our plates. I'm not a pasta snob, but I thought the ravioli was especially tasty - waaaay better than the ones you get at, say, Olive Garden.
Dessert was Panne Cotta and it was heavenly. I totally forgot to take pictures of the dishes...but that's OK. Seanie thinks my family's habit of photographing our dinners is a little weird, anyway. "Why do you want pictures of food?" he always complains.
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