Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Overheard at work...

Resident (Wife): I'd like to book a date for my husband's 80th birthday.
Me: OK. (We reserve the date in the calender.)


Wife: Honey, I booked the clubhouse for your birthday.
Husband: Oh no...
Wife: What?
Husband: No birthday party.
Wife: You're getting a birthday party!
Husband: I want poom poom girls.
Wife: ...what?
(Note: Husband is French and still has an accent after forty-plus years in California.)
Husband: I want a poom poom girl!
Wife looks at me. I shrug. She thinks for a few seconds.
Wife: You want me to get you a 49ers cheerleader?
Husband: Now you're talking!
Wife: You wouldn't know what to do with one if I got her!!

This is when I figure out that "poom poom" equals "pom pom". Thank goodness. I was starting to think that "poom poom" was some weird kind of stripper slang.
Tags: rha
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