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The Florida Adventure: Day Four

Today was the big day. We were leaving Universal Studios and the Holiday Inn and moving onto Disney property, to spend the next seven days gleefully escaping reality with the Mouse. I couldn't wait. It was just too cool.

Alexis came to our hotel to help us move everything. (He's such a sport!) Like our first day in Florida, we had a couple of hours of down time. We couldn't move into our new hotel - Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort - until the afternoon, but the Holiday Inn had booted us out promptly at eleven. What to do?


I had no idea that miniature golf was so popular in Florida. But it seemed like every time we drove down a major street, there was a mini golf course somewhere on it - usually pirate-themed. So even though the last time I played golf my age was probably in the single digits, we decided to try a round at Pirate's Island.

We were constantly knocking our balls off the green and into piles of rocks. I mean, I thought *I* was bad, but Seanie gave me a good run for my money. The tacky pirate theme was carried throughout the entire course. I even learned a couple of random facts about pirates from reading the signs scattered everywhere. You get to walk on a pirate ship and sneak through the cave where pirates hid their treasure. Skeletons are all over! I love it. I wish we had this chain back home in California, although I suppose if we did I'd never play it. But I just enjoy the idea of knowing that somewhere, out there, you can hit little red and pink balls around treasure chests and wooden crates.

After the three of us managed to finish the course and get the worst scores in the history of mini-golf, we went to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!

(It was very exciting.)

Seanie and I were getting a discount on our Caribbean Beach room, thanks to Alexis' aunt (a Disney employee) so we had upgraded to a pirate-themed room. My inner ten-year-old was THRILLED.

There were beds were shaped like ships, coins printed on the bedspread, and there was a painting of Jack Sparrow on the wall.

We had evening reservations at Epcot at Restaurant Marrakesh, and the holiday Candlelight Processional. So after we'd gotten settled into the hotel, Alexis dropped us off at Epcot and headed home. Epcot was PACKED. People everywhere. Most of the ride lines were one or two hours. We mostly just wandered through the World Pavilions, admiring the architecture and figuring out which rides we wanted to check out first on the following day.

At 5:00pm we checked in at Morocco for our restaurant reservations. The food was amazing. I had Chicken Bastillas that were perfect, and Sean's Lamb dish was tender and savory. Yum. I can't remember ever eating Moroccan food before, so Marrakesh was novel and delicious. We were seated off to the side, and had a poor view of the belly dancer who performed in the middle of the restaurant. That was too bad, but whatever. I'd just seen belly dancers at Arabian Nights a few days before, after all.

Oh look, I'm in Agrabah! Like Aladdin!

Seanie in Morocco

After dinner we wandered over to Japan and watched a candymaker create animals out of mochi. She singsonged as her fingers flew, creating a hypnotic rhythm with her voice. "I make doggie, elephant, kitty, dinosaur. Shiny, shiny candy." she chanted, as she made a pink flamingo.

Miyuki - I'm not sure if that's her name, or just what the candy-making is called.

We also wandered over to China and spent a ton of time combing the marketplace there. It was hard to resist spending lots of money - the Chinese stuff was relatively cheap and cute.

The Candlelight Processional was very pretty. Huge choirs sang jazzed-up Christmas carols and narrated the story of the Nativity. It was a little surreal because the evening's host was deaf, and so she would sign to us and then a male narrator would tell us what she was saying. This was at a music concert. It just seemed like an odd juxtaposition - I mean, she couldn't *hear* the singers around her, but there she was telling us about the songs. A girl fainted in one of the choirs, and had to be helped out, and throughout the rest of the night singers from that section kept leaving. The show never stopped, though. Wouldn't want to slow down that Disney magic.

The package for the dinner and show also gave us access to premium seating for the evening fireworks. It seemed like the show was directly overhead. It certainly was loud enough, anyway! Heck, at one point, an unexploded firework smacked a girl next to us! At least she got a random souvenir out of her trip. The Epcot fireworks were brilliant, with tons of color and explosions, while out on the lake fire kept shooting up into the air. Really, I couldn't have been more pleased, even if the 'narrative' for the show was ridiculously hokey. That's part of the Disney magic, too.
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