Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

In which I whine about about hobbit sex...

So we're back again; did you miss me? I missed you...well, most of you, anyway. If I saw you at school than it was very difficult to miss you, because there you were being dorks as usual. (Not really, I love you a little bit.)
Achem. Anyway. I watched that old 'Lord of the Rings' movie, the one that's animated and not live action. It was okay, I guess. I mean, the animation was awful, but it's American, so I can expect that. The voices were all so squeaky and awful, but I guess they're British from the accents, so that was okay, too. (Although I'm wondering just how much British slang Middle Earth residents really use) One thing, though - it reminded me why some movies can only be done in real action - it's the only way to bring out all the dimensions of the characters.
Take Legolas, for example. In this latest movie, he's the blonde elf with an ever-growing rabid fangirl population monitering his daily activities. But in this animated frap I was watching (I think it was made in the eighties, but it's difficult to be sure) the elf doesn't have a personality at all. (Maybe he doesn't in the new movie - I haven't seen it.) He's just the pale guy with the slight lisp. And he doesn't get the worst of it! Answer me truly, now - are Samwise and Frodo acting that gay in the live movie? Bleah! In one of the animated messes (Return of the King, I think) Samwise kisses Frodo! Brrrrrr...sorry, but homosexual hobbits are just weird, okay? (Although I like the alliteration...)
But I digress. I can't go picking on hobbits all day long, because then I wouldn't get into the real topic of the day, which is...which mind. I didn't do much else today, except type some notes up for Leadership and try to figure out how to fix my parents' DVD player. Ah, well.

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