Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The b*tch of vacations is coming back from them...

Man, every time I go on a trip I tell myself, "This time, I'm going to write my diary entries WHILE I'm on the trip instead of trying to desperately backdate entries over the next month."

Once again, I completely failed to do so. This is not entirely my fault - Disney didn't bother to provide free Wi-Fi, how lame is that? - but still. It's gonna take ages to get the trip written up. I mean, I've barely started sorting our hundreds of photos!

If I stick with my goal of writing every day, it's probably going to be a month before I get completely caught up! That's just sad...

Well, at least I have a few weeks until school starts to work on journaling.
Tags: blogs, vacation, writing
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