Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

We're gonna go to Ashland at the end of March!

Friday morning, via Gmail's chat feature...

Me: Hey Pumpkin, I wanna go to Ashland and see plays.
Seanie: OK.

A little while passes...

Me: Hey Pumpkin, I've looked at the OSF website and figured out which plays are playing during my spring break.  We can see everything I want to see except To Kill A Mockingbird, which seems to be sold out its entire run.
Seanie: OK.
Me: I'm gonna buy the tickets, OK?  Request March 28th-31st off from work.
Seanie: OK.

Some more time passes...

Me: OK, I've done some research.  These are the B&Bs we should look into - one of them is only $75 a night, the rest are between $120-$140. 
Seanie: OK.  (He calls the $75-a-night B&B.)  The room is available, do we want it?
Me: Yes!
Sanie: OK.

A few more minutes pass.

Me: Hey Pumpkin.
Seanie: What?
Me: We just planned a vacation in four hours.
Seanie: WHAT?
Me: Sweet, huh?
Tags: ashland, theatre, vacation

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