Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Working hard, for once.

I spent most of today trying to help Rhi get her house ready for when her twins are born.  At most,  we have about a month until the babies are born, but I suspect they'll probably come sooner.  (Twins are usually preemies, as I understand things.)


Today was mostly shuffling things around.  I carried empty storage boxes downstairs, where they'd be out of the way.  I moved clothing from bureaus into plastic storage bins.  I helped unpack box after box of diapers and put them in easy access of the diaper-changing station.  I sorted little tiny clothes.    In short, it wasn’t hard labor, but it was a lot of busy work.


In fact, a lot of it was basic household chores, like loading and unloading the dishwasher, starting loads of laundry, and the like.  Unfortunately, Rhi is so pregnant (she went into premature labor once already) that she can’t do a lot of stuff, so she has to spend most of her time sitting quietly on a sofa.  That means that when Terry gets home from a long day at work, he has to do all the household chores.  It doesn’t happen.  Stuff piles up.


I don’t see how we’ll get everything ready to go before the babies arrive.  Even if I came over every day – and I won’t, because Rhi can’t really have more than one visitor at a time, and she constantly has to leave to go to doctor appointments and the like – I don’t think we’d be able to completely remodel the baby room, as the ideal situation requires.  But I guess there’s nothing to do but smile and do the best I can to help, while keeping the stress levels low. 

Tags: babies, rhi, terry

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